The accountancy- or bookkeeping firm can give their own employees access to the Backoffice Portal. From the portal click on the users icon or at the bottom of the screen on the tile Users

In this overview you can find all employees that already have access to the portal and from this screen you can also add a new user. In order to do this, click on + add user. 

The following screen will open:

  • Fill in the full name of the user that needs access to the portal.
  • Fill in his of her e-mail address. This will also be the e-mail address for further log-ins.
  • Choose the function for this user within the office. 
  • Choose the language in which the introduction mail has to be send. 
  • Add an optional personal message.
  • Click on the button Send.

The user will receive an email with the necessary information: Username, a temporary password and a short explanation on how to log in. 

Advanced settings

In order to use the advanced settings, click on Advanced settings. The following screen will open: 

To set a password yourself

If you want to set a password yourself for the new user, you can uncheck the box Generate a password automatically. Decide if the new user needs to receive a new e-mail. Thereafter, indicate if it is a temporary password or if the user can keep the same password after the first log-in.