Each employee that is added to the backoffice portal is allocated a role. This can always be changed at another time. 

PAY ATTENTION! Only the employee with the role Portal administrator can add or change the role of an employee. 

Backoffice roles in the portal

The following backoffice roles are defined in the portal: 

Portal backoffice 

This employee can process transactions. This function has the following rights: 

  • Access to all domains, except the domains that have restricted access. 
  • Access to the workflow of all domains, except the domains that have restricted access.
  • Access to the questions of all domains, except the domains that have restricted access.
  • Access to personal information concerning productivity and quality. 
  • The rights to create new domains.

A portal backoffice will only see in the dashboard of the portal the workflow of the domains where he/she is set as the BO responsible. 

Portal administrator

This employee has all the rights of the Portal backoffice and following:

  • The rights to add new employees and change the functions.
  • The rights to allocate domains to office employees. 
  • The possibility to consult overviews such as productivity, quality and work activities per domain. This can be useful for analysis on office level.

A Portal administrator will see in the dashboard of the portal the complete workflow of all domains. 

Portal data-entry

A portal data-entry employee only has access to domains that were not restricted. They can only perform data-entry work in a domain meaning that they can't book the documents in the workflow. After processing, these documents will get the status 'Data-Entry completed' so they can still be checked and booked. This can be interesting for interns or employees with other educational background. 

Portal guest user 

A guest user can only see the domains to which he/she has access, meaning only the domains where this person is set as backoffice responsible, back-up or controller. In practise this can be used to give an independent booker (entrepreneur) access to the backoffice rights of a domain in order to process transactions. 

Portal backoffice controller

An additional role that can be combined with the role of portal administrator. This role allows you to have the controller rights for all domains.

Backoffice roles in a domain

To allocate a user to a domain, click in the portal on the top of the screen on the icon Domains or on the tile Domains. Thereafter, click in the overview on the greater-than sign (>) in front of the name of a domain to open the domain sheet. 

In the domain sheet you can allocate a backoffice role to four different persons.

To each Yuki domain the following persons can be allocated:

  • BO responsible: Primarily responsible for the transaction of all the administrations within a domain. Documents, bank transactions and questions of the respective domain will be directed to his/her workflow. 
  • BO back-up: In case the BO responsible is absent for example illness or holidays, the back-up can take over to update the workflow on a daily basis. In general, this person will finish first his/her own workflow and then review the domains of which he/she is a back-up. 
  • BO controller: The person in charge of checking and closing the VAT declarations as well as the financial year-end closing. 
  • BO account manager: In practise, this position is allocated to the manager of the company.