The service of Yuki is focused on saving all documents and data online in the Yuki Cloud and making it easy to access at all times. That said, sometimes it can be useful to export certain data or documents from the Yuki Cloud. This can be done by exporting files. In Yuki you can use export possibilities on portal- and administration level. 


  • Export VAT declarations (CSV)
  • Export to-do tasks (CSV)
  • Export processed transactions (CSV)
  • Download UBL invoices (CSV)


  • Export addresses (Relationship button)
  • Export financial transactions (Bookkeeping button)
  • Export documents (Archive button)
  • Export bank statements (Bank button).

Export possibilities administration

  • Export addresses (Relationship button)
    Addresses (clients/suppliers/employees) can be exported from Yuki in order to import them in another application such as Microsoft Outlook, Organizers or other Yuki domains.
  • Export financial transactions (Bookkeeping button)

     In order to get an overview it is possible to export financial transactions per ledger card. Generally this is done at the end of a financial year since you         will have a complete annual overview at your disposal. This overview can be printed or controlled by another accountant. 

  • Export documents (Archive button) 
    You can choose to export all documents, or a part thereof, from your archive to your hard drive in the case you decide to terminate your contract or for the sake of keeping your own back-up. In order to export your archive (or a part thereof), Yuki will create a ZIP file with all selected documents. Because in most cases this will contain a large file, the export can't be performed immediately. The ZIP file will be made by Yuki behind the scenes and stored temporarily. As soon as this file is created (always within 24 hours) you will receive an email with a link by which you can immediately download the file.
  • Export bank statements (module Bank)
    It is possible to export all transactions from cash flow statements, bank statements, credit cards and electronic statements.

Overviews exports  


  • Download overview Revenue and Expenses (PDF)
  • Download overview Assets and Liabilities (PDF)
  • Export Trial Balance (XLS)
  • Download Statement of Assets (PDF)
  • Export outstanding items suppliers (CSV)
  • Download Ageing Analysis (CSV)
  • Exporteren outstanding items clients (CSV)
  • Export outstanding items CA Personnel (CSV)
  • Download Chart of Accounts (CSV).


  • Download Sales invoices (CSV)
  • Download Unpaid invoices (CSV)
  • Download Price list (CSV)
  • Download Sales history (CSV).


  • Download Purchase invoices (CSV)
  • Download Unpaid invoices (CSV)
  • Download Payments in transit (CSV)
  • Download Invoices in transit (CSV).


  • Download Folders (CSV)
  • Download Margin contribution (CSV)
  • Download Financial details (CSV).