It is our pleasure to help present Yuki to your entrepreneur. Of course not every entrepreneur is the same. For that reason we offer various help tools depending on the state of the Yuki Process. In below table we divided entrepreneurs depending on their status: Clients who haven't used Yuki yet, clients that just started using Yuki and clients that already use Yuki for a while.  

                                                                                                                                Your client is....

Clients who haven't used Yuki yet

Yuki user (1-3 months)

 Yuki user (> 3 months)

Clickable Video


With the interactive demo the entrepreneur can get acquainted with Yuki. This demo can be found on our website.



Demo for entrepreneurs

Organize with the help of Yuki a demo for entrepreneurs. This is an evening where you have the chance to get entrepreneurs excited for Yuki. Of course this can't be done alone. As a partner you are in charge to organize the event and our Yuki expert will be present to give the demo. Get in touch with our Customer Success team for more information. 



Online Webinars

What is Yuki for entrepreneurs?

During 20 minutes entrepreneurs can see what Yuki holds in store for them. We can demonstrate how they don't have to waste time with collecting invoices or tickets by showing how it's simply done digitally. Additionally, we will show how to save precious time such as with making payments, how to have a quicker insight into their business activity and a simple way to communicate with their bookkeeper/accountant.

For more information: 


During this webinar we help your entrepreneurs get started by explaining the 'basics'. Questions such as 'how do I deliver documents? Where can I follow up my outstanding clients/relationships? How does the Yuki App work?' will be covered. 

For more information: Yuki basics

Intended for the slightly more experienced Yuki users, we also offer webinars that are more focused on the use of specific Yuki modules.

Webinar modules:

  • Sales
  • Payment list
  • Folders 
  • Reminders
  • Workflow (approval)

For more information: Webinars

Masterclasses for entrepreneurs

These Masterclasses for entrepreneurs are organized on different locations. Our Yuki expert will cover different topics such as the basic functions and the sales- and payment modules. Your entrepreneur will have ample time to ask questions to our experts. 

Training for entrepreneurs 


Organize a training at the office (half or full day) for your entrepreneurs. This training will be fully customized to the client. 

Get in touch with our Customer Success team for more information.

Module Videos

On our help page we provide video material that go more in depth on specific modules. These videos are aimed at entrepreneurs that are already working with the respectively module and are looking to work with it in a more efficient and easy manner.