At the top of your screen you can find the most important tool to work within Yuki: the navigation bar. 

Navigation bar

Depending on your rights and extra modules which are activated in your domain, the following module icons appear on your screen: 

Each icon has a different application that form part of the administration. 

 Desktop. Startscreen for entrepreneurs. Shortcuts can be created to the most used functions and other websites.

Backoffice. Homepage for backoffice users (only visible for them) with the most important functions such as an overview of the workflow and quality monitor. 
 Yuki PO box. Documents can be delivered here as well as the correspondence with backoffice.
 Archive. All documents are archived here, also non-financial documents. 
 Financials. Here you can find various overviews related to your bookkeeping such as the company monitor, the overview 'Revenue and Expenses', 'Assets and Liabilities', a list of outstanding customers and suppliers etc.
 Bank. Overview of all business bank accounts, credit cards and online payments providers with transactions that are booked thereon.

 Sales. Consisting of the Invoice module and Direct Debit module. Here you can find booked sales invoices, create your own sales invoices and collect them through a SEPA Direct Debit file within Yuki.
 Purchase. Here you can find an overview of all purchases, suppliers, ongoing invoices and unpaid invoices.
 Human Resources. Overview of all employees and relevant documentation such as their pay checks, declarations and absences.
 Address book. Your clients, suppliers, employees and other relationships all in one place.

 Folders (or projects). With folders it is possible to bundle together all documents and transactions of a project or settlement, and keep it analytically up to date. This is an additional module and has to be activated in the Yuki Store.

 E-mail. Import with POP3 all your business mail and link this to your clients, suppliers or employees. This is an additional module and has to be activated in the Yuki Store.

 Business agenda, time sheets and tasks. Log the billable hours of your employees for clients or projects and create invoices for your clients. This is an additional module and has to be activated in the Yuki Store.


With the search function, you can search by word, amount or date. The shown results will vary from relationships, documents, transactions, folders, tasks, ledger accounts etc.